My name is Bradley Chippington, I am 31. The 35mm Project started in 2013 when I bought a negative scanner to start digitising my fathers collection of photographs. However, I started to neglect the project in the later part of 2014 after an injury in my arm left me unable to continue in working as a photographer. I took some time out to travel the world and upon my return in 2015 moved to Scotland with my fiancé. Fast forward to 2017 and we are back in London and I am working full time again with a great company, albeit not in commercial photography.

But, I see this as a blessing in disguise….In the past as a self employed professional I had seldom time to pursue my art as I would be working hard to earn money. Now in employment I am able to use my days off and evenings to enjoy photography as a hobby and work with film once again. This blog is an ongoing documentation of my journey with film and photography.

You can spot me around London with a Canon AE-1 or EOS 620. 50mm prime on both.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Very interesting Project Brad. Can’t wait to see more photos

  2. titaniummike says:

    Excellent project! I’ve been testing any film I could find for many years and never thought to document it. Good stuff!

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