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I uploaded these pictures from a family holiday to the Isle of Wight in 1996 a few days ago however I didn’t give much thought to adding some of the memories I have. The thing is I can’t help but look at these images and feel they deserve more than a silent corner of the internet to sit on for an eternity.

On the run up to our first family holiday my mother was sharing stories with my sister and I from when she went to the Isle of Wight as a child. She loved the model villages and Blackgang Chine. She spoke of it very fondly and I recall on our visit walking around part of the island that she had explained to us – she pointed out areas that had eroded away over the years, areas that she once explored. We travelled in a caravan and stayed on a local field. The owner had an old Vardo (gypsy caravan) pulled by a shire horse. Every morning he would cook his breakfast on an open fire. My dad would walk over and say hello, eat with him and no doubt have a few moments away from screaming children running around the caravan and fields (my sister and I)!

During the night the wind and rain would thrash the side of the caravan – I worried it would roll down the hill! But during the day the weather was always warm and clear. One day we took an overhead open cable car down the side of the cliffs of the island. I sat with my dad; our legs dangling down. He swore a few times as the trees and land disappeared beneath us. When we reached the bottom we took a boat to The Needles, after returning to shore we collected some coloured sands.

We visited model villages, shore lines, little towns and villages. It was a great family holiday for kids and parents.