The Beginning

I have been shooting with film since i was a very young child but around 2006 i slowly began using Digital for its convenience, speed and cheap cost however I have always favoured film for its resolution, grain, greater tonal range and all round beauty of the photograph.

I have started this project because i want to break away from ‘everything must look perfect’ Digital, i want to go back to my roots of photography and see grain again, i want to create organic photography, not just endless pixels.

Ilford HP4 400ISO — 2005 S. Moore age 17

The photograph of the young man was one of the last photos i took in my college darkroom, my friend and i were developing some film, whilst we were waiting i shot a couple of frames.

I have included this photo while i wait to have 5 rolls developed. I also have a high end negative scanner being delivered so that i can (ironically) digitise my work to be published online.

Over the next year i will continue to add more photographs to this project using a variety of film types.  This project will document parts of my life throughout the year and the things i do.  It is also a learning experience for me, using film is completely different to digital, already i have become more aware of not wasting shots and making sure that the framing is right every time.  Being a professional i did this already however i seem to be consciously more aware of whats happening when i take a photo.  I’m eager to see where this project takes me and what i will gain from it!

Canon EOS 620, Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Ilford Delta 3200

One thought on “The Beginning

  1. Bob says:

    enjoy the journey…returning to your photographic roots is a rewarding experience…

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