Uh Oh … Computer Says No

Hello dear readers, fellow bloggers and badgers!

While i battle hay fever and sneezing uncontrollably my negative scanner decided to have a nervous breakdown and start making some odd noises, along with going at a painfully slow scan rate. I have recently sent it off to be repaired however i’m not too sure when it will be returned to me which is frustrating as i have already got 2 rolls of film negatives that need to be scanned and written about! As frustrating as this is i’m not going to be arsey about it because technology does break and once in a while needs a bit of TLC.

Also the first week of July i will be moving to a new flat in London, hooray! I’m hoping to have some work available to publish whilst i’m moving however if you don’t see much activity on here for a couple of weeks or more please don’t worry as it’s probably a mixture of my negative scanner being delayed and the move.

I am hoping the weather improves as i’ve loaded a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 into my camera, i’ve only been able to get enough sunlight to shoot 5 frames in just over a week as the weather has been grey, overcast or wet. Not the ideal situation for a colour roll of film, especially Ektar!

I’ll keep you all up to date with any changes, thanks for reading 🙂


Sneaky peak at photographs to come …


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