London’s Future Exposure

Hello and apologies for not posting as frequently the past month, I have been busy sorting out my new flat in London and working all the hours i can. Now that i’ve moved I’m 5 minutes from work and University, such a better way of living than being out in the country!

Also it means that i can go full blast with my 35mm project because being in London means more things to photograph. I have 4 films that i have got to develop and scan into my computer so there will be loads more coming soon.

I also acquired Alien Skin Exposure which i will be using more during this project. The idea is to compare the results between Alien Skin and the matching film type to see if Exposure is the digital answer for film photography. As app’s such as Instagram and Hipstamatic are gaining more and more popularity i believe it is only time before the retro effect lands itself in Professional Photography.

I’ve just loaded some Kodak 400TX Black & White film into my camera, the photograph of the film was put through Exposure using the Kodak 400TX filter.

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