Kentmere 100 Pushed 400

How else can i start this blog than with … wow! What a film!

I’ve never used Kentmere before and this was actually the third time i had loaded it in my camera. “Third time?” you cry … well, i loaded it in and went from shooting outdoors to indoors in very low light so wound the film up and replaced it for some Kodak TMAX P3200. The second time i replaced it for Rollei and now, finally we have Kentmere.

The quality of the images are fantastic, this film loves to be pushed! Outside, the film is acceptable. Shadows and lights are fairly even. The squirrel was a friendly guy! Letting me get about 1 foot from him. However inside is where this film (for me) excelled. I visited Westminster Cathedral during the last few frames and managed to capture some great scenes with the light spilling in. The added contrast and grain from the push in my opinion enhances the haze and feel of the Cathedral.

The only concern is the marks that have been left on the film. It looks like light has spilt into the roll somehow. Changing the roll a few times before actually shooting the entire roll is probably the cause. However i have left the images in as i find the effect an interesting addition to this post.

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4 thoughts on “Kentmere 100 Pushed 400

  1. Peter says:

    I’ve been considering Kentmere and am wondering how you developed this. You got more contrast and deeper shadows out of it than most examples I see on the web. Great job.

    • bradchip says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for getting in contact, I used a company called Genie Imaging to develop most of the film on this blog. I would’ve loved to have done my own developing (I did a couple of timeS) I just never seem to have the time! Unfortunately Genie have now stopped developing film which is frustrating as they always did a good job.

      Also, the film would be more contrasty anyway because I pushed it from 100iso to 400 so there would be more contrast respectively. I found this roll of film one of my favourites to shoot with, the results were great.
      When I received the neg’s back I always scanned them in at max res then i’d run them through Photoshop. Hope this helps!


  2. Todd Dixon says:

    Wonderful images! How many stops did you push the film?

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