Ilford Delta 400

On May 9th my friends at University and I held our own 4 day exhibition for our year 2 ‘The Unexplained’ final project. It was a huge success for us both professionally and within our University, full information and photographs of the gallery space can be found at the LSBU Newspaper LINK.

Loaded with Ilford Delta 400 I brought my camera along with me to document how the preparations for the exhibition took shape. The Gallery was well lit so i didn’t need to push the ISO any higher which was fantastic!

I used my Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM for this roll of film as i wanted the adjustable focal length along with a fairly decent sized aperture, i attempted to use my 50mm f/1.4 however having a fixed focal length made me feel quite restricted especially as i was working within a space sensitive environment, also the DOP (drop off point) for the DOF (depth of field) is reduced massively at lower f stops and as i was shooting to document, a faster f/stop would clearly be better to use.

There’s a minimal amount of dust and scratches on the film so retouching was quick and easy with only slight fixes required, during retouching i was astonished at how much ‘data’ the negative contains. I scan at 3600dpi (my scanner does go to 7200dpi however after conversion to web quality there is not any perceivable difference, this is questionable for print though) and after scanning (even in pre-scan setting exposure to minimum) there are some burnt highlights, in post i was able to pull these down and i was amazed at how much i could retrieve from the burnt areas, digital doesn’t have such a wide tonal range to be able to do this especially with highlights, digital works better pulling and pushing darks and mid-tones yet i find still struggles at times with highlights.

I am impressed with the clarity and contrast of this film the images are strong and contain a fairly attractive classic filmic looking grain. Although the Kodak T-MAX has a beautiful fine grain at the same 400iso speed i feel that the Delta has better contrasts and tones which i tend to favour.

I have included a shot on the underground, originally i was going to remove this photo from the final publish however i feel that it works well, i shot with a very wide f/stop so that the focal point would be almost impossible to make out (near the woman sitting down) although the focus is a little out on the woman i look at this image and feel that it adds an eeriness and solitude to the image.

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