New York & Exhibition


Unfortunately The 35mm Project has been a little quieter lately, this is because I have just returned from a fantastic holiday in New York City with 2 rolls of film which are ready to be developed and scanned. Once they are complete i will publish the next post.

I have also been working a lot of hours and trying to get some other project’s in the pipeline up and running so my time on each area is being managed at the moment and although i am not going to neglect The 35mm Project the spacing in-between each publication may increase from time to time.

Good news i begin my 3rd year of University in a week, i’m looking forward to studying again and seeing my old friends plus also just completing my degree! There are other things i want to do now and my degree is starting to hold me back a little on a massive project so completing it is a big priority at the moment, anyway there may be times when i haven’t got the time to spend scanning film when i could be retouching photos or writing my dissertation. I am a work horse however so this will hopefully be a rare occurrence that my studies affect my project.

Fantastic news: I’m going to exhibit pieces from The 35mm Project at Kennington Camera Club. The Club which i am a member of have their own gallery space which i am aloud to exhibit in. I am really looking forward to this amazing opportunity that i’ve been given! The exhibition won’t be until January as there are other people exhibiting in the space at the moment but i will be having the entire month which is good. I will provide all the dates, private viewings and any other information i get on a future post.

Thats all for now but check in soon on The 35mm Project 🙂


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