The 35mm Project ‘Pride’ Exhibition


The 35mm Project has been created to document all types of film available today, out of the box, pushed, pulled and of course developed myself. A photo heavy project focused on breaking away from the digital era and returning to organic, grainy, true photography.

Every year in London on the 29th June the streets are filled with a giant party atmosphere celebrating gay right movements and various sexualities coming together to express themselves in one of the city’s more colourful events. Pride.

Each roll of film captures a different stage throughout the day and into the evening reflecting the union of people and excitement filling the streets of London.

The bold, colourful and saturated Ektar images provide a deep insight into what Pride stands for whilst the later evening shots of Portra 1600 wind the day down with a collection of drunk, playful photos with higher grain and people interacting with each other.

Each black and white film shows the people of pride without the distractions of colour. The grainy, contrasts of Agfa and the soft glow of BW400CN complete the collection.

For this event I wanted my equipment to be as light as possible, I opted for my Sigma 50mm f/1.4 prime for the shallow aperture and it being much lighter than my 24-70. I stuck around f/2 – f/5.6 rarely going any higher.

In order of shooting I started with Kodak Ektar 100, which produced strong, sharp saturated photos. Ektar has been likened for sharing similar properties to KodaChrome 64 which is why I opted for shooting it during pride as it’s now impossible to shoot KodakChrome however I feel KodaChrome had a warmer more contrasty feel to the final photographs which Ektar misses.

The results from the Agfa are exceptional, the contrasts are very appealing, the grain isn’t as fine as I would of expected from 100ISO however it doesn’t hinder the quality of the image, nor is it intrusive giving even and beautiful coverage of the photos.

Kodak BW400CN delivers excellent deep contrasts and tones with a very desirable fine grain considering the ISO. Skin has come out clear and the highlights are giving a gorgeous glow.

Kodak Portra 800 pushed to 1600 has in my opinion improved this film considerably. I think its a great film to shoot with, it has some excellent neutral tones to work with and the slightly desaturated results seem to work well in evening light adding to the authenticity of being shot in the evening.

This exhibition will contain collection of photographs from all 4 rolls of film.

The exhibition starts on the 7th January & runs throughout finishing on the 31st.


16 Bowden St
SE11 4DS

3 thoughts on “The 35mm Project ‘Pride’ Exhibition

  1. Looking forward to seeing it at the Camera Club!

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