A note to all my followers

It pains me to admit I have been neglecting The 35mm Project a little due to time constraints.

As you may be aware i am at University, when i am not at University i am at work, when i am at neither of those places i am studying in the British Library for my dissertation (an amazing place) or i am shooting for my Pilot Project and researching for project development, or i am in meetings for my Collaborative Project and rendering video for it.

When i am not doing all of that i am either eating, sleeping, retouching or trying to squeeze a few more minutes out of an hour so that i can continue the personal projects i have. Which includes making plans to go to India, The 35mm Project, BC: iPhoneography & The Male Form.

My Pilot Project is based on a violent/abusive relationship i was in, the images are still in development at the moment but i have been inspired by artists Ana Mendieta, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Franko B, Richard Sawdon-Smith, Marina Abramovic and many more.

The photograph below is a still from the series of images that i took (as a performance piece) as this is a blog about film i have used Alien Skin: Exposure to add a KodakChrome 64 effect to the photograph.

kodachrome 64 filter

KodaChrome 64 Filter over portrait from Pilot Project

For those of you that are interested i will be writing my dissertation on “How has photojournalism benefitted from iPhoneography and social media”. I believe that as a photojournalistic photographer and devout iPhoneographer that it is important to research and analyse the effects of iPhoneography and the apps available. Hipstamatic, Filterstorm, LoMob, ScratchCam and various other apps will be part of my research.

There will be posts following on this blog as i have decided to make it ongoing rather than the original 1 year project, however there may be some gaps few and far between at times as it is difficult to get the time to shoot specifically for this blog.

Thanks for all your support


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