The 35mm Project: London Pride 2013 Exhibition

Over the past few weeks i have been preparing for my first solo exhibition which has officially opened!

I arrived at the gallery on Sunday 5th to hang my prints eager and ready to go with 4 lots of A1 and 20 lots of 15″ x 10″. Unfortunately even though i had prepared by buying mount board and cutting it to size (well…) there were some problems that were a little frustrating but a good learning experience.

Firstly, i didn’t have any adhesive to apply the photographs to the mount boards, i opted for this method rather than cutting the mount boards into frames that overlapped the photograph because i haven’t got the time at the moment to spend all day cutting up board so it was easier just to apply the photograph to the board. I quickly made my way into central to buy some double sided artists tape then made my way back to the gallery and started to measure up the photos and apply them to the boards.

Unfortunately i later found out id been given the wrong sizes for the frames, i had pre cut all the boards to 20″ x 16″ when they were 40cm by 50cm so they were too large! After the ‘ahh sh**‘ that poured from my mouth a few times a friend at the gallery helped cut the boards all to the correct size…..again whilst i was continuing to apply the photographs to the boards. Hazar!

After the mounting and framing the photographs took on a whole new feel to them,  i love seeing my work printed and framed in A1 as  it stands out and finishes the photograph. The experience of hanging my own work and organising everything in the gallery has been thoroughly enjoyable and i am pleased to say that the exhibition has turned out exactly as i’d hoped. I am looking forward to my next exhibition in the future!

I will get some photographs of the entire space on the private viewing to add to the blog at a later date 🙂 hope you can all pop along if you’re in the area and see my work in large print.



16 Bowden Street
London SE11 4DS

2 thoughts on “The 35mm Project: London Pride 2013 Exhibition

  1. The prints look great on the walls Bradley, congrats!

    • bradchip says:

      Thank you Glenn! Great to see you the other day, I have found out where the wire is for the last frame as Dariusz contacted me so i will be able to hang the final print now! Will get down there as soon as possible and do that! Have a great week! 😀

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