Found Archive: Kodak Gold 100

Being so young at the time these were taken I do not know some of the people in these photographs. However they were taken in a small town called Brightlingsea on the Essex Coast during the 1980s. These photos are of my Aunts, Sister, Mother, Great Grandmother and Cousin – oh and the happy baby is me!

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2 thoughts on “Found Archive: Kodak Gold 100

  1. In another Kodak article, you talked about the reciprocity failure of Portra 400. You wouldn’t happen to have anything in the way of a reciprocity chart for Kodak Gold 100, would you? I’ve shot a lot of it through the years and am still shooting lots. But, reciprocity failure would be great to overcome. Thanks for anything you can provide. You could e-mail it if you like.

    • Brad says:

      Hey Kenny,

      Thank you for your comment, sorry for the delay in replying i’ve been away. I haven’t looked in to reciprocity failure for any other film stocks. I want to but the cost of chemicals + the limited time one has to use them once opened and the amount of film required to make it cost effective is so expensive so i haven’t been shooting any colour film for agesssss. I’ve just bought 5 rolls of Kentmere 400 as B&W is so much cheaper to shoot and develop for the tiny amount that i shoot now.

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