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Hey there!

Here is a collection of photographs from a visit to London Zoo, Devon and Trafalgar Square. To see the development recipe please check out my blog post Lomography 100 Color which uses the same Tetenal C-41 Developer

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Agfa Vista APX Plus 200

After the success of last years London Pride, I decided this year I would walk the streets in the Parade/March. Of course bringing my camera along as it’s also around the ‘anniversary’ of me starting this blog.

For most of the march I stayed alongside some of the members of my boxing club that also walked this year. Braving the rain throughout the day we started at Baker Street and finished at Whitehall.

It looks like my negative scanner is on the fritz as it’s starting to develop some lines across the images (upon closer inspection) and colour casts, nothing overly drastic, but a little frustrating and adds processing time to the photographs. Quite possibly this may also be a result of the developer used, so is something I must look into.

The Agfa Vista has quite a lot of grain for a lower iso film. Out of the box delivers average results from an average class film. Personally I don’t rate it very highly, there are other colour films out there that give much more interesting results.

That being said I haven’t pushed or pulled this film yet so I can only pass comment on the selection of images that i’ve produced and not for the entire production line of Agfa Vista.

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Kodak Portra 800

On the 17th April my friends from University and I decided to have a ‘meeting’ at the local pub after viewing the Cafe Gallery in Southwark which is where our exhibition is being held in May (10th, 11th if you’re interested).

It was a perfect sunny day to sit on the balcony overlooking The Thames and London with a few pints.

I love the Portra 800, i think its a fantastic film with excellent grain quality and tonal range, the colours are always beautiful and strong.  I used my Canon EOS 620 SLR with Sigma 50mm f/1.4.

I’ve included a photo of me in this blog for your pleasure which was shot at uni by my friend Amy.

Thank you to my friends involved in the creation of this film.

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